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Catalog of maps in the Blume Library and links to find more maps on the Web.

How to use the Catalog

The maps listed on this page are divided into three categories, each with its own box. In addition, there's a separate box for maps of the Balkan region.

  • Maps covering the whole continent
  • Maps covering other regions
  • Maps coverning individual countries


The numbers given after the title, authoring agency and date for each map give its location in the Map File Case.  The first two numbers of the three-part number for each map refer to groups of folders within the Map File Case.  The final number is a unique sequential number for the particular map.

Remember that the maps listed here are only the large maps (substantially larger than standard letter-size) that are filed in the Map File Case.  For information on other map locations in the Blume Library, see our main 

Individual Countries

If you do not find an individual country map for the country you are interested in, look at some of the regional maps of the area where the country is located.

Austria.  CIA, 1980.  MAP FILE: 05-03-250.2

Austria. Oesterreich. Elbemuehl for Aust. Govt. 1959. MAP FILE: 05-03-250.1

Belgium. CIA, 1969. MAP FILE: 05-03-251,.1

Bosnia & Herzegovina. CIA, 1993. MAP FILE: 05-03-251.5

Croatia. CIA, 1996. MAP FILE: 05-03-252.5

Denmark. CIA, 1974. MAP FILE: 05-03-254

Finland. CIA, 1969. MAP FILE: 05-03-255

France. CIA, 1972. MAP FILE: 05-03-256.4

France. National Geographic, 1989. MAP FILE: 05-03-256.1

France. Chaminade Map. MAP FILE: 05-03-256.3

Germany. National Geographic, 1969. MAP FILE: 05-03-257.2

Germany. National Geographic, 1991. MAP FILE: 05-03-258

Germany. n.a., n.d. MAP FILE: 05-03-257.3

Germany and Its Approaches. National Geographic, 1944. MAP FILE: 05-03-257.1

Germany. Berlin Region. CIA, 1985. MAP FILE: 05-03-257.5

German Democratic Republic. CIA, 1981. MAP FILE: 05-03-257.4

Germany, Travelers Map. National Geographic, 1991. MAP FILE: 05-03-257.2

Italy. National Geographic, 1961. MAP FILE: 05-04-264.2

Italy. CIA, 1973.MAP FILE: 05-04-264.4

Italy. National Geographic, 1995. MAP FILE: 05-04-264.5

Italy. Traveller's Map. National Geographic, 1970. MAP FILE: 05-04-264.3

Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. CIA, 1994. MAP FILE: 5-4-274.1,2

Netherlands. CIA, 1970. MAP FILE: 05-04-265

Norway. CIA, 1971.  MAP FILE: 05-04-266

Poland. Highway Map. Freytag/Berndt, n.d. MAP FILE:

Spain, Insider's Guide to (book shelved at DP 14 DP, 3rd Floor). Hunter Pub., 1990. MAP FILE: 05-04-270.1

Spain. CIA, 1974. MAP FILE: 05-04-270

United Kingdom, British Isles. National Geographic, 1979. MAP FILE: 05-02-240.4

Yugoslavia. Peoples of Yugoslavia; Distribution by Opstina. CIA, 1983. MAP FILE: 05-04-274  (see also the Balkan Region box below on the left)