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Catalog of maps in the Blume Library and links to find more maps on the Web.

How to use the Catalog

The maps listed on this page are divided into three categories, each with its own box: 

  • Maps covering the whole continent
  • Maps covering a region
  • Maps coverning individual countries


The numbers given after the title, authoring agency and date for each map give its location in the Map File Case.  The first two numbers of the three-part number for each map refer to groups of folders within the Map File Case.  The final number is a unique sequential number for the particular map.

Remember that the maps listed here are only the large maps (substantially larger than standard letter-size) that are filed in the Map File Case.  For information on other map locations in the Blume Library, see the main Map Page.

Whole Continent

Africa. CIA, 2009. MAP FILE: 07-01-412

Africa. CIA, 1996. MAP FILE: 07-01-410

Africa. National Geographic, 1943. MAP FILE: 07-01-401

Africa. National Geographic, 1950. MAP FILE: 07-01-402.1,2

Africa. National Geographic 1960. MAP FILE: 07-01-403

Africa. National Geographic, 1980. MAP FILE: 07-01-408

Africa. CIA, 1984. MAP FILE: 07-01-409

Africa. National Geographic, 1935. MAP FILE: 07-01-400

Africa: A Storied Landscape/Human Footprint. National Geographic, 2005. MAP FILE: 07-01-407

Africa. Ethnolinguistic Groups. CIA, 1996. MAP FILE: 07-01-406

Africa Today/Africa's Natural Realms. National Geographic, 2001. MAP FILE: 07-01-411

Christian Mission Stations. American Geographical Society, 1967. MAP FILE: 07-01-404


Adis Abeba Region (Ethiopia and Sudan). DMA, 1978. MAP FILE: 07-02-428

Africa's Great Lakes. National Geographic, 2011. MAP FILE: 07-02-433

Export Production, Tropical Africa. Geographical Review, 1961. MAP FILE: 07-02-425

Horn of Africa. CIA, 1995. MAP FILE: 07-2-438.1,2

Monrovia. DMA, 1978. MAP FILE: 07-02-427

Nile Valley. Land of the Pharoahs. National Geographic, 1965. MAP FILE: 07-02-432

North Central Africa. CIA, 1989. MAP FILE: 07-02-437.1,2

Northeastern Africa. CIA, 1989. MAP FILE: 07-02-438

Northern Africa. National Geographic, 1954. MAP FILE: 07-02-430.1,2

Northwest Africa. CIA, 1991. MAP FILE: 07-02-436.1

Northwestern Africa. CIA, 1977. MAP FILE: 07-02-436

Northwestern Africa. National Geographic, 1966. MAP FILE: 07-02-435

Simplified Geological Map of Subequatorial Africa. Bureau of Mines, 1991. MAP FILE: 07-02-442

South African Energy Resources & Facilities. CIA, 1995. MAP FILE: 07-02-444

Southern Africa. CIA, 1977,1989. MAP FILE: 07-02-441, 441.1

Subequatorial Africa: Major Mines, Mineral Deposits & Transportation Routes. Bureau of Mines, 1991. MAP FILE: 07-02-443

West Africa. CIA, 1983. MAP FILE: 07-02-426

Individual Countries

If you do not find an individual country map for the country you are interested in, look at some of the regional maps of the area where the country is located. (See the Regions box on the left.)


Algeria. CIA, 1971. MAP FILE: 07-03-450

Angola. CIA, 1970. MAP FILE: 07-03-450/5

Benin. CIA, 1970. MAP FILE: 07-03-450/8

Central African Republic. CIA, 1967. MAP FILE: 07-03-451

Chad. CIA, 1969. MAP FILE: 07-03-452

Egypt. Ancient Egypt/ The Egyptians. (Great Peoples of the Past). National Geographic, 2001. MAP FILE: 07-03-454.2

Egypt. Road Map. Army 1962. MAP FILE: 07-03-454

Egypt's Nile Valley. National Geographic, 1995. MAP FILE: 07-3-454.1

Ethiopia. CIA, 1976. MAP FILE: 07-03-455

Gabon. CIA, 1968. MAP FILE: 07-03-455.5

Kenya. CIA, 1974. MAP FILE: 07-03-459

Libya. CIA, 1974. MAP FILE: 07-03-461

Madagascar. CIA, 1973. MAP FILE: 07-03-461.5

Mozambique. CIA, 1973. MAP FILE: 07-03-464.5

Mozambique. CIA, 1977. MAP FILE: 07-03-464.6

Niger. CIA, 1969. MAP FILE: 07-03-465

Nigeria. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 07-03-466

Sierra Leone. CIA, 1969. MAP FILE: 07-03-467.1

Somalia. CIA, 1992-2012. MAP FILE: 07-03-468.1-3

Somalia: Country Profile. CIA, 2012. MAP FILE: 07-03-468.3

Somalia Summary Map. CIA, 1992. MAP FILE: 07-03-468

South Africa. CIA, 1980. MAP FILE: 07-03-469

Sudan. CIA, 1986. MAP FILE: 07-03-470

Sudan. Darfur Region. CIA, 2007. MAP FILE: 07-03-470.1

Tanzania. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 07-03-471

Tunisia. CIA, 1972. MAP FILE: 07-03-471.5,6

Uganda. CIA, 1970. MAP FILE: 07-03-472

Zaire. CIA, 1979. MAP FILE: 07-03-453