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Congress, Legislation, etc.: State Laws/Regs

describes Library holdings and major internet sources dealing with the operations of Congress, legislation, and regulation at the federal level

State Laws & Regulations

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There is very little information in the Blume Library about Texas laws and regulations, and no detailed information about laws and regulations of other states.  Some general information can be found in reference books; ask a Reference Librarian for assistance. The Law Library, of course, has much more of this type of information.

checkFor tips on finding Texas legal and regulatory information, check this Guide.

Our State Government Information Index is a good place to start looking for legal information from other states. It links to libraries around the country who provide information on their states' governments. Some specifically deal with legal issues. More general links to state and city government information can be found in this section of our Guide for International, Foreign, & State Government Information.

Other sources: