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U.S. Government CDs/DVDs in the Library: Economics

listing of government CDs and DVDs available in the Library; they may be checked out by St. Mary's community members for 7 days

Economics-related CDs/DVDs

moneyBusiness Briefcase. FT 1.34:B 96/CD. This CD contains Flash and PDF files, and runs upon insertion.

Consolidated Federal Funds Report. 1984-95. C 3.266/3: . These CDs may be used by choosing RUN from the START menu and running GO.BAT from the CD. Several years' worth of data is also available from the Census Bureau's FTP portal.

Consumer Credit Briefcase. FT 1.34:C 86/2008/CD. This CD contains Flash and PDF files, and runs upon insertion.

County Business Patterns. 1994-98. C 3.204/4. These CDs contain information in DOS-type format. To access the data, run either GO.BAT or LAUNCH.EXE from the CD. Data for 1993-2004 is available online from the Census Bureau.

Export Administration Regulations. C 63.25:EAR/7/ . 2004. This CD may be used by opening the file WELCOME.PDF in Adobe Acrobat. NOTE: exit the installation program which runs upon insertion of the CD into the drive.

Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods in the U.S., 1925-2001. C 59.26:F 58/CD. This CD runs upon insertion into the CD drive. If it does not, open the file TOC.HTM in any web browser. Some of the files on the CD are in PDF, some are in Excel. There is an Excel viewer, as well as a copy of Acrobat, on the CD. Instructions for installation are with the CD, if you need to use the CD on a computer that does not have Excel or Acrobat installed.

moneyFixed Reproducible Tangible Wealth of the U.S., 1925-97. C 59.27:925-97. There is a printed volume with this information for 1925-87 in the Documents Stacks at C 59.2: W 37/925-87. This CD requires special software to view the data.

Fraud: An Inside Look. FT 1.34:F 86/DVD. 2010. A collection of audio and video files that will run on the operating system's media player.

clockGross Product by Industry for the U.S. and States. C 59.26:G 91. There are two sections: Gross Product Originating for 1947-97 and Gross State Product for 1977-98. The CD requires special software to view the data.

Income & Poverty. 1996, 1997. C 3.224/12-2: . These CDs may be with any web browser. Open the file README.HTM to display the table of contents. Some of the files are in Adobe Acrobat, others are in HTML.

Income, Poverty and Health Insurance: 1998, 1999. C 3.275:IN 2/CD. This CD contains data only, and requires special software that is not available on Library computers. 

National Income and Product Accounts. C 59.11/5-2:929-2001. There are printed volumes containing this information for 1929-94 in the Documents Stacks at C 59.11/5: . The CD is made up of PDF and Excel files access from an HTML index page. If the main page does not come up when you insert the CD in the drive, open TOC.HTM in any browser to display the table of contents. The CD includes PDF and Excel viewing software, if these programs are not available on the computer you're using.

Real People, Real Stories: an important video about keeping your home. FT 1.34:R 22/SPAN./ENG./DVD. This video runs upon insertion, playing on the computer's media player software.BEA

Regional Economic Information System (REIS). 1969-2008. C 59.24: . This CD requires special software. Much of the information on the CDs is also available online at the Bureau of Economic Analysis

State Personal Income.  1929-2000, 1969-2008. C 59.25: . These CDs require special software for viewing the data. Much of this information is also available online from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Survey of Current Business. C 59.11/1: . 1994-6. Current online access is through our online databases for the St. Mary's community. But the most current issues (and some backfiles) are at the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The CDs may be used opening the file CONTENT.PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

Survey of Income & Program Participation. 1987-88. C 3.275:SU 7, 7/2/CD. These CDs consist of data in large ASCII files that might not be manageable on the Reference area computers.

globeU.S. Exports, Imports of Merchandise C 3.278/2,3. Monthly figures, searchable by commodity and country. The Library keeps only the latest Monthly disk, but historical CDs are also available that summarize data for 1989-2005, with annual data for 2006 to the present. To use the historical CDs, run GO.BAT, for older discs. Newer ones run a menu screen upon insertion. Full functionality of the historical disks requires software installation. The monthly data now comes on DVDs, and over time, they have had different types of software required for viewing. Consult a librarian for assistance if you need help viewing the data on the disks.

U.S. Exports Commodity Classification. C 3.6/2:C 73/3/2000/CD.  This CD runs upon insertion into the CD drive.

Zip Code Business Patterns. 1994-2003. C 3.298: . The data on the CDs and DVDs is similar to that found on the County Business Patterns CDs (see above), arranged by Zip Codes. If the discs do not run upon insertion, run the file LAUNCH.EXE.