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U.S. Government CDs/DVDs in the Library: Home

listing of government CDs and DVDs available in the Library; they may be checked out by St. Mary's community members for 7 days

Government CDs/DVDs in the Library

NOTE that the Library ceased receiving new tangible government documents in Spring, 2016, and withdrew large numbers of tangible documents during the previous year.

CD-ROMGovernment CDs and DVDs are, for the most part, kept in the office and may be requested by Library patrons at the Circulation Counter. NOTE: this listing does not include CDs/DVDs that are included in pockets or otherwise attached to printed documents. 

depository libraryThey may be checked out by St. Mary's community members for 7 days. If you are not affiliated with St. Mary's and want to use a government CD, please contact the Government Information Librarian (see box on the right) or a Research Librarian (see box below) to make special arrangements to use the CD in the Library or borrow it on interlibrary loan.

Some government CDs/DVDs are shelved with printed items in the documents stacks on the Library's 2nd Floor, and this is noted in the listings on these pages.

In recent years, the Library has received fewer and fewer CDs/DVDs, as most agencies are using the web to distribute information products. Consult the Library's Online Catalog, or other government LibGuides, if you need information that used to be available on disks.

The library at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, in partnership with the Government Publishing Office and the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, offers online versions of information on CDs distributed to depository libraries.

Congressional CDs/DVDs

Congressional District Atlas. C 3.282/5:105,108,109. Provides data by Congressional district in PDF and text format, suitable for exporting to a spreadsheet program.
us map

Documents Relating to the Hearing on the Proposed Tobacco Settlement. Y 4.C 73/8:105-P/CD.
Additional Documents Relating to the Hearing... Y 4.C 73/8:T 55/CD. 44 CDs.
 This large collection of CDs contains files in various formats, which are indicated in a general way on the front of the CD cases. Files in HTML may be viewed in any web browser. Files in PDF format may be opening them in Acrobat icon. Most of the files are in TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format and require a graphics reader to view.

Journals of the U.S. House of Representatives. XHJ: 102-1,2; 103-1,2; 104-1,2; 105-1,2; 106-1,2; 107-1,2; 108-1,2. To use these CDs open the file WELCOME.PDF in Acrobat.

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This guide was originally developed by retired librarian Kathy Amen.