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U.S. Government CDs/DVDs in the Library: Education

listing of government CDs and DVDs available in the Library; they may be checked out by St. Mary's community members for 7 days

Education Dept. CDs/DVDs

Direct Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling on DVD. ED 1.83:C 83/DVD. The DVD contains videos that run upon insertion into the drive.

graphECLS-K K-8 Full Sample Public-Use Child File, Data Files & Electronic Codebook. ED 1.334/2:C 43/2009. These CDs require specialized software, which is included on the CD, but which must be installed.

Funding Your Education: Audio Highlights. ED 1.83:F 96/CD. The CD contains audio files that will automatically play on most computers' media players.

High School Longitudinal Study of 2009. ED 1.334/2:H 53/3/2011/CD. The information on the CD requires special software that can be downloaded from the CD.

International Comparisons in Education; Program for International Student Assessment . ED 1.334/2:IN 8/CD. 2004. Data on CD requires special software for viewing. User's guide is in PDF format. If menu screen does not appear upon insertion of the CD into the drive, run START.EXE.

Reading Leadership Academy Guidebook. CD Companion. ED 1.83:L 46. Files are in PDF and Word. CD in the filing cabinet in the office is a duplicate of the CD in the document shelved at ED 1.8:R 22/8. 

CDs/DVDs from other agencies


Math Webcasts 1-6. HE 23.1116:M 42/DVD. 2007-2008. NOTE: this 2-DVD is shelved in the documents open stacks and may be checked out for regular non-reserve loan periods. Movies run upon insertion, playing on the default media player.

Toolkit Materials for Hispanic Outreach, Partnership Development and Training. HE 24.17:H 62. 2008The CD consists of materials in PDF, Word, and MP3 formats, dealing with issues related to child support.