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U.S. Government CDs/DVDs in the Library: Sci/Tech

listing of government CDs and DVDs available in the Library; they may be checked out by St. Mary's community members for 7 days

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Environment-Related CDs/DVDs

Gap Analysis of Texas. I 19.212/43:2003/DISC.1-5. Material on the CDs is in PDF format; open the file TX_GAPReport.pdf in Acrobat.

National Consevation Lands. I 53.58:C 76/DVD. Collection of photographs of BLM lands in the western U.S., with captions, for use in media projects.

us map

Records and History of the U.S. Geological Survey. I 19.4/2:1179/CD. 2000. Circular 1179 is in PDF format. Open the file CIRC_1179.PDF in Acrobat. Some of the data is also presented in HTML format; to view this material, open the file HTML/INDEX.HTM in any web browser.

Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River, Texas. Draft General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement. I 29.79/3:R 47/DRAFT. 2003. This CD contains various PDF files, but no main index file. Open the desired file in Adobe Acrobat to view.


Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report. NAS 1.2:C 72/V.1-6/DVD. 2003. This DVD consists of PDF files and movies (requiring Quicktime for viewing) accessed through a web browser index page. To begin, open clickme.htm in any web browser. Paper copies of some of the volumes of the report are also available in the Documents stacks.

Remembering Apollo 11: the 30th/35th anniversary data archives. NAS 1.86:AP 4/2/CD, /2004/CD. 1999, 2004.  Open the file /START_HERE/START.HTML in any web browser. The 2004 edition also contains PDF files.

STS-107 Tribute. NAS 1.2:SP 1/62/CD. 2003. This CD contains video and other files that can be viewed in most web browsers.


Miscellaneous Sci/Tech CDs/DVDs

farmsAgriculture Statistics. 1994-98. A 1.47/2: . Data for all years is on one CD. The files are in PDF format. Open the file WELCOME.PDF in Acrobat. Agriculture Statistics are also available on the Web at the Dept. of Agriculture's site.

Digital Nautical Publications. D 5.360/2:2006/3. The CD contains PDF files of technical publications of interest to sailors and others needing detailed navigation information, in various file formats.

Landscape Aesthetics. A 1.76:701/CD. The CD consists of a large PDF file: SMS_Handbook.PDF.

checkOTA (Office of Technology Assessment) Legacy. Y 3. T 22/2:2 L 52/v.1-5. These 5 CDs contain copies of the publications of the OTA from 1972-95, when the agency was terminated. The files are in PDF format. Open the file OTA___.PDF (a year designation follows the OTA in the file names) to see a list of reports. The Library has a large collection of printed OTA reports, all of which appear in the Online Catalog. The call number for the agency in the Documents Stacks is Y 3. T 22/2 : . In addition, the Cybercemetery at the University of North Texas has online versions of all the documents, with various search options.

Principles of Forensic DNA for Officers of the Court. PR 43.8:D 44/F 76/CD. 2006. CD should run upon insertion into the drive. If it does not, open the file index.html in any web browser.

Proceedings of the 25th U.S. Army Science Conference, Transformational Army Science and Technology, Charting the Future of S&T for the Soldier. D 101.2:SCI 2/2/2006/CD. CD consists of files in HTML format, to be viewed in any web browser.