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President's Peace Commission

Detailed listing and descriptions of recordings from the St. Mary's University President's Peace Commission symposia.

Art of Peace Award Recipients

Art of Peace Award Criteria

Criteria for the Art of Peace Award

  1. The Award shall normally be given annually in conjunction with the spring program.
  2. The artist chosen must be worthy both as an artist, in terms of quality, as determined by reputation in the artistic community and one who, through art, works for peace, as determined by reputation.
  3. The artist chosen should (but is not required to) have some relationship to the St. Mary’s University community: the Marianists, Catholicism, San Antonio, South Texas, etc.
  4. The artist’s work should, in some way, be performable, such that it has the ability to draw an audience. As such, the Award may be scheduled as its own session (either day or evening) or may be given in conjunction with another session or with the President’s Peace Concert. Or, as much as possible, the recipient(s)’s work shall be integrated into the overall program.
  5. Normally, the Award will be given to one artist, though the Commission may decide to give it to more than one, if the artists’ work is related.
  6. Nominations for the Award shall be gathered by the membership and investigated by a committee, but the decision shall be made by the Commission as a whole.
  7. The Award shall normally be presented by the University President or by the highest-ranking University official possible.
  8. If the Awardee so desires, his or her work may be displayed and/or may be sold for the Awardee at the ceremony.

Videos of Art of Peace Award Ceremonies