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Government Information

gateway to government information in the Blume Library and on the web

Finding information by branch of government

As you'll remember from civics, the US government is divided into three branches that have different, interlocking responsibilities in running the country.

3 branches of US government

When looking for government information, it can be useful to remember this division of labor. Government information produced by these governmental actions stem from the appropriate branch:

  • Regulations that determine how the laws are enforced are developed in the Executive Branch. This branch, through its various agencies, also publishes a variety of reports, consumer information, maps, statistics, etc.
  • Proposed laws and the deliberative process (hearings, etc.) surrounding them are produced by the Legislative Branch (Congress)
  • The Constitutionality of the laws, and questions of fairness and interpretation in their enforcement, is determined by the Judicial Branch, consisting of the system of federal courts, crowned by the Supreme Court (remember that there are other systems of courts performing similar functions for the states and for local areas)


The Executive box focuses on materials about the presidency.  You will find other executive agency materials under specific subjects on this guide or via on the Major Resources box.



The Legislature makes laws for the country. This box lists a few key resources for research. See the related Blume Library guides for more detailed information and links.


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