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Marketing and Advertising Research

guide to marketing and advertising resources available at the Blume Library and online

What will you find here?


This guide provides guidance and links to use when researching marketing and advertising topics.


"pertains to the interactive process that requires developing, pricing, placing, and promoting goods, ideas, or services in order to facilitate exchanges between customers and sellers to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers." (Marketing, Encyclopedia of Business and Finance)


“the circulation of information and product endorsements that attempt to persuade people to consume particular goods and services.” (Advertising, Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture)

You may find other terms when you research in this area. Some examples include: advertising agency, branding, consumer behavior, customer service, market trends, marketing plan, marketing research, marketing strategy, public relations, pricing, sales


The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes listed below may be used in some sources to locate marketing and advertising sources on companies, industries, employees, etc. 

Be aware that there are other possibilities.  Be sure to check the NAICS search to find more options if these examples don't help you.

  • 541613 Marketing Consulting Services
  • 541810 Advertising Agencies
  • 541820 Public Relations Agencies
  • 541830 Media Buying Agencies
  • 541910 Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

This U.S. Census website describes NAICS codes and includes tools to find these codes. 

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