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Linking Library Resources in Canvas

This faculty-oriented guide provides directions on how to link to library online resources in your Canvas course. This guide includes detailed directions on how to create persistent links to content in the library's article databases.

Embedding Library Sources in Canvas

You can add many types of library materials to your Canvas courses.

This guide provides the steps you follow to create permanent links to articles, eBooks, videos,  and more from library databases.  

Creating Links to Content in Blume Library Databases

Many of the Blume Library's databases offer persistent links. Persistent links allow you to create a long-term link to an article, journals, ebooks, or other content in a database.  Choose your database from the titles listed in the navigation box.

Where can I use persistent links?

You can copy and paste persistent links directly into your Canvas course, into email message, or into an online syllabus.

How do I find the persistent links?

This guide will tell you where to find the persistent link for each database. Choose the database you want to use from the list in the navigation box.

Will persistent links work off-campus?

Persistent links will work off-campus as long as the remote access prefix ( included before the database-provided persistent URL.  This prefix is embedded in some databases and is not embedded in others. 

Why can't I just copy the URL in my browser's address bar? 

In most databases, the address in your browser bar is dynamically-generated, meaning the address only exists during the current period of your search.  The browser bar URL will no longer link to the article once you leave the database.  Instead, you will need to use the persistent link address provided by the database. This guide will let you know which databases use persistent links and which use the browser URL.

Why would I use a persistent link rather than uploading an article on Canvas?

You will not have to seek copyright permission to link to subscribed content in the library's databases, per the library's license agreements. To download, store and distribute copyrighted materials online (e.g. Canvas) requires permission of the publisher and/or author.

Are there databases that don't support persistent links? 

The library subscribes to some databases that do not offer persistent links. Some of these databases are Cabell's, ESG Manager (KLD), and Salem Literature.

What are these DOI numbers I see in articles from some of the library's databases?

DOI numbers are unique numbers assigned to articles in databases, much like ISBN are unique to books.  You can find more information about DOIs on the Digital Object Indentifier System website and also use their lookup tool to use a DOI to find a specific article.