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Linking Library Resources in Canvas

This faculty-oriented guide provides directions on how to link to library online resources in your Canvas course. This guide includes detailed directions on how to create persistent links to content in the library's article databases.

Persistent Linking Instructions for the Hein Online

Follow these steps to create persistent links to materials in Hein Online :

  1. Open Hein Online from the Library Databases page.
  2. Search for a topic. 
  3. Click on an title to pull up the complete item.
  4. Click on Link icon for a permanent link to the page.
  5. Copy the URL in the box the pop up. 
  6. Paste the Hein Online URL in a text editor.
  7. Add the remote access prefix ( before the Hein Online URL.
  8. Paste the full URL (prefix plus database URL) in your Canvas course, email message, online syllabus, etc.

Example Persistent Link:

image of persistent link in Hein Online database