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Special Collections and University Archives

St. Mary's Presidents

Chief Administrators

of St. Mary’s Institute / College / Academy, 1852-1931


Note: The Society of Mary used the title “director” to indicate the superior of the religious community.  That official was also generally president of the school institution as well because the entire faculty were Brothers.  Consequently, the title “director” is sometimes seen as well as “president.”

Downtown Campus-St. Mary’s Institute, 1852-1962

Brother Andrew Edel, SM                             (1852-1866)

Bro. Charles Francis, SM                             (1866-1880)


Downtown Campus-St. Mary’s College, 1852-1923

Rev. Francis Feith                                          (1882-1893)

Bro. John Wolfe                                               (1893-1894)

Bro. John Bumeder                                        (1894-1900)

Bro. George Deck                                          (1900-1906)

Bro. Gabriel Bertram                                     (1906-1907)

Bro. John Kautz                                              (1907-1910)

Bro. William Ernst                                          (1910-1911)

Bro. John Ryan                                               (1911-1912)

Rev. Joseph C. Ei                                           (1912-1916)

Bro. Robert Mayl                                             (1916-1921)

Bro. Gustavus Hetterich                                (1921-1923)


Downtown Campus-St. Mary’s Academy, 1923-1931

Rev. Walter Golatka, SM                                (1923-1927)

Bro. Francis Britz                                            (1927-1930)

Bro. John Waldron                                         (1930)

Bro. Julius Kreshel, SM                                (1930-1934)

Historical Note: In 1932 the high school classes at the downtown campus of St. Mary’s Academy moved to a new location under the title of Central Catholic High School.  The old campus was used by St. Mary’s University for night-time graduate courses and for the law school.


Chief Administrators

of St. Louis College / St. Mary’s College, 1894-1927


Woodlawn Campus-St. Louis College, 1894-1922

Bro. John Wolfe, SM                                      (1894-1908)

Fr. Louis Tragesser, SM                               (1908-1913)

Fr. August Frische, SM                                  (1913-1917)

Fr. James Canning, SM                                (1917-1922)

Fr. Robert W. Mayl, SM                                  (1922-)


Woodlawn Campus-St. Mary’s College, 1923-1927

Fr. Robert W. Mayl, SM                                  (1923-1927)


Chief Administrators

of St. Mary’s University, 1927-2018


Woodlawn Campus-St. Mary’s University, 1927-

Presidents of St. Mary’s University

Fr. Robert W. Mayl, SM                                  (1927-1928)

Fr. Alfred H. Rabe, SM                                  (1928-1938)

Fr. Walter F. Golatka, SM                              (1938-1947)

Fr. Louis J. Blume, SM                                 (1947-1953)

Fr. Walter J. Buehler, SM, PhD                    (1953-1961)

Fr. Charles W. Neumann, SM, STD           (1961-1963)

Fr. Louis J. Blume, SM                                 (1963-1973)

Fr. James A. Young, SM, PhD                     (1973-1981)

Fr. David J. Paul, SM                                    (1981-1985)

Fr. John A. Leies, SM, STD                          (1985-1988)

Fr. John J. Moder, SM, PhD                         (1988-1999)

Charles Cotrell, PhD                                     (2000-2012)

Thomas Mengler, JD                                     (2012-)