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Special Collections and University Archives

Index to Collection Titles


(In alphabetical order by collection title)

Aguilar, Senor Alfredo, Library of Mexican History and Culture                                      SC 01

Almaraz, Felix D, Papers                                                                                                       SC 02

American Indian Artifacts, Violland Collection of                                                              SC 24

Art, Collection of                                                                                                                      SC 47

Bell, Ned C., Library                                                                                                               SC 03

Berlin Wall Fragment                                                                                                             SC 42

Biehler, SM, Brother Charles, Collection of Mathematics Imprints                               SC 34

Burkett, USAF, Major Homer H, Collection                                                                         SC 04

Carbo, Marianito Nick, Personal Papers                                                                            SC 39

Casino Club of San Antonio Records                                                                                 SC 40

Catholic Church Imprints, Collection of                                                                              SC 26

Civil War (USA), see Union and Confederate Armies Official Records                        SC 36

Cotrell, Charles L Collection of Political Campaign Materials                                       SC 29

Crimmins Collection, Colonel Martin L                                                                               SC 05

Cullum, Jim, Photograph Collection                                                                                    SC 06

Dargent Collection about Peruvian Author Ricardo Palma                                             SC 37

Davis, Harold Lenoir Collection                                                                                            SC 07

Donoghue, David Collection of Geology and Texana                                                       SC 08

Early Encyclopedias and Atlases, Collection of                                                                SC 25

Gentilz, Theodore; see Sullivan-Clem Estate Collection                                                SC 21

German Archives on the Texas Republic                                                                           SC 09

“Geronimo Collection” see American Indian Artifacts                                                     SC 24

Gruzevski, Charles, Peninsular War Library                                                                     SC 11

Heusinger Library, Edward W                                                                                              SC 12

Joseph Society Library                                                                                                          SC 13

Kotowski, Mariusz Collection on Pola Negri                                                                     SC 35

Laredo Times Newspaper Collection                                                                                SC 14

Manuscripts, Collection of                                                                                                    SC 46

Maps, Posters and Broadsides, Collection of                                                                  SC 45

Mathematics, see Biehler Collection                                                                                  SC 34

Mexicana, Collection of                                                                                                          SC 27

Munguia, Ruben Personal Papers                                                                                      SC 41

Mielziner, Jo Coptic Codex                                                                                                     SC 15

Negri, Pola Collection see also Kotowski Collection                                                       SC 16

Newspapers, Collection of                                                                                                    SC 32

Novels, Collection of                                                                                                               SC 28

Novosal Papers, Brother Paul                                                                                              SC 33

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies and Navies: a Compilation SC 36

Old Spanish Trail Association Records                                                                              SC 17

Palma, Ricardo Collection about Peruvian Author                                                            SC 37

Printed Matter, Collection of                                                                                                   SC 32

Peru, see Dargent Collection                                                                                                SC 37

Pohl, Hugo David Triptych                                                                                                      SC 31

Political Campaign Materials                                                                                                SC 29

Saint Mary’s University Memorabilia, Collection of                                                           SC 38

San Jose de Palafox Book Publication Project                                                                 SC 44

San Luis Potosi Archives on Microfilm                                                                                SC 18

Schmitz, Brother Joseph History Courses                                                                         SC 43

Spanish Archives of Laredo                                                                                                  SC 19

Steinbomer, Henry Collection of Architectural Drawings                                                 SC 20

Sullivan-Clem Estate Collection                                                                                           SC 21

Texana, Collection of                                                                                                               SC 30

Tranchese Papers, SJ, Carmelo                                                                                          SC 22

Union and Confederate Armies and Navies, Official Records Compilation                SC 36

Vance, Frank X Collection on Henri Castro                                                                         SC 23

Violland Collection of North American Indian Artifacts                                                      SC 24

Wilcox, Sebron Collection                                                                                                       SC 10