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Serial Publications in the University Archives

Saint Mary’s University


List of

Periodicals and

Serial Publications

Alphabetical by Title

Included in this list are:

  • Periodical or serial publications issued by the departments of St. Mary’s University of San Antonio, Texas, its schools, and its recognized faculty or student organizations. 
  • Those titles for which specimens are in custody in the University Archives.

Compiled by the University Archives

October 2022


Academia: St. Mary’s Journal of Graduate Studies;

Frequency: issued annually in the spring semester

Volume 1 (Spring 2010)

Volume 2 (2011-2012)

Volume 3 (2012-2013)

Volume 4 (2013-2014)

378.76 Z4 / ACADEMIA / year

Academic Library Guide Series, Numbers 1 to 13                                                     1975-1983

Description: Expanded version of the Information Power Series with guides to thematic topics;

In-house publication made on a copy machine with card stock covers; 16 items

Frequency: occasional

378.76 Z1 / GUIDE / 1975

Academic Library Guide, [New Series]                                                                      1983-1995

Description: Provides profile of library holdings, hours and rules for use.  This is an in-house publication made on copy machine

Frequency: issues on-hand for the years: 1983, 1984, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1994-95

378.76 Z1 / GUIDE / 1983

Academic Library Information Power Series                                                             1975-1981

Description: Individual guides to thematic topics such as 20th Century Novelists, biographical sources, etc.;

In-house publication made on copy machine; rack cards on library subjects; 30 items

Frequency: occasional

378.76 Z1 / INFO / 1975

AlumNotes: The Newsletter of the St. Mary’s University Alumni Association           1990-1994

Note: “Produced quarterly for alumni by alumni;” printed by the Alumni Relations Office in an 11 x 17-inch format.

Mailings of AlumNotes for the years 1990-1994 often included adhesions such as donation envelopes, flyers for events, bumper stickers and other ephemera.  A few of the issues in the file copy retain these adhesions.

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1990 (Location: Box on R16J)

Administrator, The: “dedicated to serving our students,” The School of Business and Administration;                                                                                                      1974-1990

Frequency: three issues during the academic year

Publication dates: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Fall 1974) to Vol. 14, no. 1 (Spring 1990)

Description: Vols. 1 to 6 are a four-page to eight-page (grows with time) newsletter stapled together with a hand-drawn banner on the front page.  Volume 7 employs a printed banner.  Volume 10 switches to a 12-page folded format run on a press.  Ethel Clasen is the editor throughout.  The content is event news and announcements of interest to students.

378.76 Z6 / BUS / 1974

AlumNotes: The Newsletter of the St. Mary’s University Alumni Association           1994-1997

Note: “Produced quarterly for alumni by alumni,” printed by the Alumni Relations Office, 8 ½ x 11-inch format.

The Spring 1997 edition announced: “Catch the Alumni Office on the World Wide Web: The Alumni Association is joining the university in its attempt to keep up with the computer generation. Now that St. Mary’s University has a home page on the World Wide Web, you will soon be able to keep in touch with the Alumni Association via the Internet.” The first web site was Later was added, and finally

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1994 (Location: R16J)

AlumNotes: The Newsletter of the St. Mary’s University Alumni Association           1997-2012

Note: “Produced quarterly by the Alumni Relations Office, 11 x 17-inch format

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1997 (Location: Box on R16J)

Alum Notes: Issued annually for Oyster Bake                                                            2013-2016

Note: “Alum Notes is produced by the Office of alumni Relations,” issued annually for Oyster Bake; 6 ¼ x 10 ½ inch format.

378.76 T2 / ALUMNI / 2013

Angels: Poems by St. Mary’s Students                                                                        1987

Note: Saddle-bound booklet of 38 pages (22 cm); editor was Dennis Peyton; typeset by H Palmer Hall.

Publication date: Vol. 1 no. 1 (Spring 1987) to ?

Call number: 378.67Q / LIT MAG / 1987

Bag of Tools: St. Mary’s Literary Magazine, 1983-84, A                                          1983-1984

Note: “A Bag of Tools is the first edition of the English Guild’s Literary Magazine.  This is published in an effort to acknowledge student creativity in the areas of prose, poetry, photography and art” (from page 1).  It takes the form of a spiral-bound booklet of 36 pages (28 cm).

Frequency: annual

Call number: 378.67Q / LIT MAG / 1983

Barrister News                                                                                                            1952-1968

The series in the University Archives begins only with Volume 2, number 5 (1953) and continues to Vol. 15, number 2 (1968).  The Barrister News was published by the School of Law through the Barrister’s Club, a member of the American Law Student Association of the American Bar Association.  It was edited and operated by the students when it began in April 1952 as a 7 x 10-inch paper issued tri-annually (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  In 1956 the format expanded to an 11 x 17-inch bi-fold.  In the fall of 1964, the format expanded again to an 8 ½ x 11-inch, 16-page newsletter with a printed cover.  Frequency expanded to quarterly.  It was considered a “semi-professional” publication with a lead article of a professional nature followed by alumni and student news.  It appears to have stopped publishing in 1968 with the move to the Woodlawn campus.

378.76Z / LAW / 1952

Barrister, The                                                                                                             1982-1991

Newsletter for St. Mary’s University Law School Graduates

The series in the University Archives begins with Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1982) until Volume 9, Number 1 (Winter 1991).

378.76Z / LAW / 1982

Big Chief                                                                                                                     [Spring 1969]

Description: Appears to be a so-called “underground” student publication; that is, one not authorized by campus administration. 

Frequency: Appears to be only one issue

Publication Date: not given but supplied by a rubber stamped date from a file clerk

Call number: 378.67Q / CHIEF / 1969

Blueprints for Giving                                                                                                  1972-1978

Issued by the Office of Development usually twice yearly for the purpose of advising donors about the best strategies for financial planning and charitable donations.  There is no volume numbering; irregular page size; earliest issue extant is dated September 1, 1972 the last is dated July 1978

378.76 J3 / DEVELOPMENT / 1972

Business Commentary; Published by the School of Business Administration /

Paul C. Goelz, editor                                                                                                  1970-1977

Frequency: six to eight issues annually

Publication dates: editions are enumerated by whole numbers from No. 1 (May 1970) to Number 6 (December 1970); thereafter by Volume and number from Vol. 2, No. 1 (January 1971) to Vol. 8, no. 2 (August 1977); appears to continue the Review of Business & Education and is continued by Entrepreneurial Commentary

Description: 4-page newsletter (folded sheet 11 x 17 inches); no illustrations; typewriter font. 

Editorial Focus: “The objective of the Business Commentary, a publication of the School of Business and Administration, is to provide a service to the business community by: Publishing local business news not readily available through other media; analyzing the impact of major economic and business developments on the San Antonio area economy; and interpreting innovations and recent developments in business, economic theory, and administrative procedure.” (Statement of Objective, Policies, and Responsibilities).  Content was provided by the Business School faculty and printing by the University publicity office.

378.76 Z6 / BUS / 1970

Calendar                                                                                                                     1979-1998

Each month a calendar of events was released for the month to come. Most years it constituted a page of the employee newsletter.  But some issues of the newsletter carried the monthly calendar as an insert that could be pull out and posted separately.  These occasional publications are gathered into this group.

378.76 J1 / PUBLICITY / 1979

Cascabel: St. Mary’s Arts Magazine                                                                          1970-1971

Note: “Cascabel is the direct production of a small portion of the St. Mary’s community, but in a broader sense it is a partial statement of what St. Mary’s was in 1969-1970” (Gus Clemens, Editor in Vol. 1 no. 1, spring 1970).  Vol. 1, no. 1: 23 pages; 28 cm; “stories and poems, art and photography.”  Vol. 2: 23 cm

Frequency: vol. 1, annual; vol. 2 semi-annual; a total of three editions

Publication date: vol. 1 no. 1 (spring 1970) to vol. 2 no.2 (spring 1971)

Call number: 378.67Q / Cascabel / 1970

Communitas: The Faculty Journal of St. Mary’s University                                      1986-1990

Frequency: Annual, during Spring semester

Publication date: no. 1 (Spring 1986) to no. 5 (April 1990)

378.76M / COM / 1986

Cooperative and Experiential Education Report                                                       1976-1980

Newsletter format with volume and issue numbering beginning with Vol. I no. 1 (June 10,1976) to Vol II no. 4 (December 31, 1977).  Thereafter with dates only to January 29, 1980.  Referred to informally as “Coex.”

378.76Z / COEX / 1976

Daily Bulletin                                                                                                              1961-1963

Mimeographed sheets (8 ½ x 11-inch with 8 ½ x 15 interspersed) with announcements from each office of the university administration listed in rank beginning with the office of the president, followed by academic departments, other agencies and finally, “calendar.” The series on hand must be regarded as a limited specimen dating from September 13, 1961 to February 26, 1963

378.76 J2 / ADMIN / 1961

Diamond Back, The                                                                                                    1932-1989

Note: The student annual is a student publication funded at first by the graduating class and later by the Student Association (by whatever name it used at the time).  No editions exist for the years 1942-1947, 1949-1954, and 1965-1967.  Publication ceased with the edition of 1989.

378.76 P / year of issue

Docket, The                                                                                                                 1987-1989

The Docket was issued by the Office of the Dean as a one-page news bulletin about current events at the law school.

378.76Z / LAW / 1987

Ellipsis… An Online Journal for Undergraduate Research in the Humanities         Fall 2011-

Publication date: vol. 1: Fall 2011, Special Print Edition

Available Online at [no longer available]

378.76 O / ELL / 2011

El Paisano (then The Road Runner): St. Mary’s University Ex-Students News       1960-1961

Note: Began as a mimeographed publication on a single sheet of 8 ½ x 15-inch paper with a printed banner. Beneath the banner is the announcement: “To do a better job of reporting Ex-Student news we have changed our name and format.” The first issue is undated (probably September 1960). The second edition is dated October 7, 1960, and identifies the editor as the Alumni Office.  The next two editions are undated.

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1960

Entrepreneurial Commentary; Published by the School of Business and Administration /

Paul C. Goelz, editor; Margaret R. Salamone, associate editor                                 1980-2000

Frequency: irregular, varies from 2 to 4 editions annually

Publication dates: From Volume 9, number 1 (March 1980) to Volume 28, number 1 (December 2000); no issues from 1982 are on-hand.  It continues volume numbering of Business Commentary but after a three-year hiatus.

Description: 4-page newsletter (folded sheet 11 x 17 inches); no illustrations. 

Editorial Focus: “In May 1970, the first issue of Business Commentary was published.  With this issue the name is being changed to Entrepreneurial Commentary to reflect the editorial focus on the theory and practice of the American entrepreneurial system.  As in the past, this publication is being distributed nationally and to some extent internationally.” (From Volume 9, Number 1, page 1)

378.76 Z6 / BUS /

Ex-Students News St. Mary’s University                                                                    1938-1941

Note: Newsletter of the Ex-Student Association (Alumni) edited by Sidney H. Wiedermann; Volume 1 number 1 (September 1938); issue numbering and frequency quickly become irregular beginning approximately quarterly and them almost monthly. Content mainly “personal” news about graduates of “St. Mary’s” (SMC, SLC, StMU), reports about activities of the Association, fund raising for the University, and sports news. The first series ends with November 1941.

378.76 T1 / ALUMNI / 1938

Ex-Students News St. Mary’s University (new series)                                                1947-1959

Note: A new series begins in April 1947, after a hiatus of six years.  The new series is entitled “Ex-Students’ News St. Mary’s of Texas” and is edited by Henry A. Guerra, Jr. It begins with Volume 1 number 1 (April 1947); is issued about six times a year with a circulation of about 1000.  With number 5 (September 1947) the size increases to 8 ½ x 11-inches and advertising is accepted for the first time. The series ends with Volume 13 number 5 (January 1959).

378.76 T1 / ALUMNI / 1947

Faculty Newsletter for Humanities and Social Sciences                                            1987-1995

Description: Forty issues: No. 1 (April 6, 1987) to No. 40 (September 8, 1995); established by Dean Charles H. Miller, SM, PhD

Frequency: intended as biweekly (every two weeks) by realized less regularly

378.76 Z3 / NEWS / 1987

Famous Last Words: St. Mary’s Literary Magazine, 1984-85                                   1984-1985

Note: Published by the English Guild; submissions reviewed by a “judging panel.”  It assumes the form of a saddle-bound booklet of 20 pages (28 cm).

Frequency: annual

Call number: 378.67Q / LIT MAG / 1984

Forum, The                                                                                                                 1990-1992

The banner of the September 1990 edition reads “St. Mary’s University School of Law Student Bar Association Newsletter.”  The Editor’s column entitled “News Source Hits Law Center,” implies that the September 1990 edition is the first.  The editor writes: “This newsletter has been created not only to be a source of information for the law school community, but also to provide a forum to encourage …exchange.  The Student Bar Association has undertaken this endeavor in spite of a long history of short-lived St. Mary’s law school publications.”

378.76Z / LAW / 1990

Fresh Perspective: A Newsletter for Parents of First-year Students                         2001-2004

Edited by Gloria Lopez; frequency up to quarterly; first issue January 2001

378.76 J3 / ADMIN / 2001

Gold and Blue: St. Mary’s University Alumni Publication (newspaper format)        1980-1983

Note: (Formerly the Bulletin) Volume I number 1 (February 1980) in newspaper format issued 6 times yearly by the

Public Relations Office

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1980 (Location: SEE BOX)

Gold and Blue (magazine format)                                                                              1983-2018

Note: Premier issues September 1983.  Produced four times each year by the University Relations

Office for alumni, parents and friends; magazine format 8 ½ X 11-inch

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1983

In Sight: Prospective Student News,                                                                           1983-2002

Edited by the Admissions Office “…to assist you in selecting a school that will best suit your individual needs.” Irregular frequency; first issue July, 1983

378.76 J3 / ADMISSIONS / 1983

In-Touch; A newsletter for the St. Mary’s Student Association                                  1984-1990

Description: “Reaching out to St. Mary’s University Students” (subtitle); 8 ½ x 11-inch newsletter

Frequency: Three times an academic year

Publication date: Series One: Vol. 1, no. 1 (October 1984) to vol. 5, no. 3 (April 1988); New Series: Vol. 1, no. 1 (November 1989) to (December 1990)

Call number: 378.67R / SGA / 1984

It’s About Time                                                                                                           March 1990

Description: “A group for you…the non-traditional student”

Frequency: unknown; only the first issue is extant

Publication date: first issue, March 1990

Call number: 378.67R / CLUBS / 1990

La Raza Pura                                                                                                              October 1969

Description: Faux newspaper format on newsprint paper produced (possibly) by the Shoestring Players Association and presenting a satire on race consciousness cultivation.

Frequency: Appears to be a one-of-a-kind issue

Publication Date: October 1969

Call Number: 378.67Q / RAZA / 1969

Law News                                                                                                                   1975-1982

Issued quarterly by the School of Law.  The format is an 8 ½ x 11-inch newsletter with a pre-printed header.  The content emphasizes law school alumni.  The Law School had its own alumni office at this time.

378.76Z / LAW / 1975

Law Notes                                                                                                                   2001-2013

Saint Mary’s School of Law Newsletter

378.76Z / LAW / 2001

Legal Beagle, The                                                                                                       1973-74

“Law School Student Newspaper” mimeographed on legal size (8 ½ x 15-inch) pages. 

378.76Z / LAW / 1973

Library Bulletin                                                                                                           1958-1967

Description: Typewritten bulletin made on a copy machine that listed New Books, New Periodicals, and New US Government Documents. 

Frequency: Twice a month with volume numbers and dates from Vol. 1 1958-59 to at least Vol. 8, 1966-67.

378.76 Z1 / BULLETIN/ 1958

London Bridges                                                                                               1999, 2000, 2005

Subtitle: Essays by Students at St. Mary’s University written during the London Semester Program.

From the Foreword (1999 semester): “This book represents a sample of the writing of St. Mary’s University students worked on during the semester.  In an advanced composition course, they recorded their experiences inside and outside of London in conventional travel writing formats.”

378.76 O / LON / 1999

378.76 O / LON / 2000

378.76 O / LON / 2005

Man – a magazine for the whole man                                                                        1948-1949

Note: “MAN magazine is published four times during the academic year: October, December, February, April, by the students of St. Mary’s University of San Antonio, Texas.”  The student editor was Louis Reile and the ‘Faculty Reminder’ was Rev. Stanley J. Kusman, SM.”  (Description based on vol. no.1).  Commercially printed; 40 pages; 20 cm; illustrations.  Only one volume of the magazine remains extant.  The magazine rated a notice by the Marianist Province newsletter in 1949: “Man, a quarterly literary magazine published by St. Mary’ University, San Antonio, appeared in a third issue.  Louis Reile is editor and Rev. Stanley Kusman, SM, is faculty reminder. Subscription price is $1 a year” (from the Maryhurst Messenger, St. Louis, Missouri: Society of Mary, March 1949:3)

Frequency: four times during academic year

Publication date: Vol. 1 no. 1 (October 1948) to Vol. 1 no. 4 (April 1949)

Call number: 378.67Q / Man / 1948

Marian Review, The                                                                                                    1994-1996

Frequency: semi-annual, fall and spring semesters

Publication date: vol. 1 no 2 (March 1994) to vol. 3 (Spring 1996)

Note from the Editors: “The Marian Review seeks to acknowledge, display, and preserve for the campus community the best of St. Mary’s University student writing.  Its goals are to encourage creative student composition and to inspire academic achievement.  The Marian Review is published by the Society for Public Service, a St. Mary’s University student organization.  All students currently enrolled at St. Mary’s University are invited to contribute their writing to The Marian Review on any subject matter.  Classroom essays or research papers graded as “A” work are preferred; short fiction or poetry may also be considered.” (From vol. 1 no. 2)

378.76 O / MARI / 1994

One Camino Santa Maria                                                                                           1977

“This is a St. Mary’s University of San Antonio Admissions Publication, published twice annually, Anne M. Kennedy, Director of Admissions;” newspaper tabloid format of four pages; Volume 1 number 1 (Fall 1977); only one issue extant.

378.76 J3 / ADMISSIONS / 1977

On Purpose: Reporting the Development of St. Mary’s University                           1983-1985

“Published by the St. Mary’s University Development Office six times each year for participating alumni and friends;” later quarterly; Volume 1 Number 1 (April 1983)

378.76 J3 / DEVELOPMENT / 1983

On the Record                                                                                                             1993-1994

“A magazine for graduates” that is possibly a continuation of The Barrister

378.76Z / LAW / 1993

Paisano                                                                                                                       1962-1967

Note: A new series begins with “Summer 1962” in a magazine format: “Paisano is published quarterly for the alumni Association of St. Mary’s University…Charles O. Brown, Director of University Relations and Editor of Paisano.” The format enlarges with the edition of July-August 1963: “Paisano, incorporating University News, a publication of St. Mary’s University, Charles O. Brown, editor.” 

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1962

Panache: A Magazine of Student Writing                                                                   1955-1960

Note: “Produced by interested students of St. Mary’s University; financially supported by the Woodlawn student body; published under the aegis of the Department of English.  Panache is edited by Bill Thebus and associates…; faculty adviser is Louis A. Schuster, SM.  Panache is published twice each school year by members of the Panache Writing Club of St. Mary’s University.  Printed by Laurel Printing; 32 pages; 23 cm; illustrations.  The series in the University Archives is missing vol. 2 no. 2 (winter 1956) and vol. 3 no. 2 (winter 1957)

Frequency: semi-annual

Publication date: Vol. 1 no. 1 (spring 1955) to Vol. 6 no. 2 (spring 1960).  The title Panache was revived for a publication of student writing in1986-1987, and numbered volume 7.

Call number: 378.67Q / Panache / 1955

Panache: A Magazine of Student Writing and Art, Spring 1986                               1985-1986

Note: “When we began to search for a title to this year’s magazine, we decided to go back and use one of the old names.”  It assumes the form of a saddle-bound booklet of 28 pages (28 cm).

Frequency: annual

Call number: 378.67Q / LIT MAG / 1985

Parenthesis: A Newsletter for Parents of St. Mary’s University Students, The         1979-1982

“Published by the Office of Public Affairs;” Volume 1 Number 1 (October 1979)

378.76 J3 / PUBLICITY / 1979

Pecan Grove Review                                                                                                   1996-2018

Note: The Review takes the form of a perfect-bound booklet of 84 pages (23 cm) that is commercially printed.  It is not to be confused with the Pecan Grove Press, which is a publisher not a publication.  For the Pecan Grove Press see instead Z.

Publication History: “The Pecan Grove Review is published each Spring by students and faculty of St. Mary’s University.  This publication is sponsored by the English Communications Department. Submissions of poetry short fiction, and essays are accepted during the Fall semester” (from Vol. 1 Spring 1996: 3).  The Pecan Grove Review established in 1996, was revived by Diane G. Bertrand and the students of her Introduction to Creative Process class as a print literary magazine with a run of 150 copies (The Rattler, September 12, 2012). 

Frequency: annual, later biennial, then again annual

Publication date: Issued annually from Vol. I (Spring 1996) to Vol. VIII (Summer 2003); issued biennially (every two years) from Vol. IX (Fall 2005) to Vol. VII (Spring 2011); then again annually from Vol. XIII (Spring 2012) to Vol. XIX (Spring 2018)

Call number: 378.67Q / REVIEW / 1996

Pillar, The                                                                                                                   1997-

Below the banner appears the tagline: “News from the Center for Legal and Social Justice.”  Volume 1, issue 2 is dated April 1997.  Only one issue is in the University Archives.

378.76Z / LAW / 1997

Rattler, The                                                                                                                 1924-2019

Note: The student newspaper began in 1919 as the St. Louis College Bulletin.  In 1923 the name changed to St. Mary’s College Bulletin.  Then in 1924, the paper relaunched as The Rattler.  In 1934 The Rattler won the highest award of the Catholic School Press Association and the second highest of the National Scholastic Press Association.  The Rattler at different times alternated between a broadsheet format and a tabloid and between a monthly and a semi-monthly.  Under the editorship of Henry Krausse (BA ’78), it published weekly.  Noeli Lytton (BA ’71) was the first female editor.  During 2001-02, The Rattler staff disbanded after an impasse with the university administration over content.  It revived the next year with Francisco Vara-Orta as editor hired by the Dean of Students.  The Rattler launched its first web site in 2003.  In 2004, under the editorship of Chuck Kerr (BA ’07) The Rattler won the best newspaper award of the Associated Collegiate Press.  In 2010 the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association awarded The Rattler “Best of Show” in its division and again in 2019.  During the Spring of 2013 there appeared The Venom, a magazine edition.  Then in May 2019 there appeared The Rattler Magazine inaugural edition.  The fall semester of 2020 endured the Covid-19 shutdown from March to the end of the semester.

Index: The Rattler is indexed for 1960-2006 by Brother Robert Wood, SM

Online Access: Current issues of The Rattler are available online.  Back issues of The Rattler in searchable format can be accessed at Septer University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,

Call number: 378.67Q / RATTLER / 1924

Rattler Chatter                                                                                                            1940-?

“Published in the Interest of the St. Mary’s Ex’s, Quarterbacks, and Football Fans by St. Mary’s University Athletic Department; Volume 1 number 1 (September 1940); only one edition extant; trim size 10 ¼ x 15 ¾ -inches; folded in half to make four pages

378.76 J5 / ATHLETICS / 1940

St. Louis College Bulletin, The                                                                                   1919-1923


St. Mary’s College Bulletin, The                                                                                1923-1924


St. Mary’s In Progress                                                                                                1983-1987

News & Information Reflecting the Advancement of the University; Irma Guerrero, Editor, University Relations; Bi-weekly, Volume 1 Number 1, September 1983; “This is our premier issue of In Progress, which will be replacing THIS WEEK as our community’s internal newsletter.  In Progress will be published bi-weekly.” Its final issue was July-August 1987. This Month replaced it.

387.76 J1 / PUBLICITY / 1983

St. Mary’s Newsletter                                                                                                  1968-1969

“From the desk of John A. Michel, Associate Director of Admissions;” Volume 1 number 2 (February 1968); format is a single 8 ½ x 15-inch sheet; only four issues extant from February 1968 to February 1969

378.76 J3 / ADMISSIONS / 1968

St. Mary’s Newsmonth: For the people who work at One Camino Santa Maria       1980-1982

Formerly U News, St Mary’s Staff News, Volume 1 Number 1 (May 1980); issued by Public Relations Office.  “Formerly called U News, this little publication serves as a community newspaper for the people that work at One Camino Santa Maria. The campus newsletter will…publish a calendar of the month ahead.” (Oct. 1981).

387.76 J1 / PUBLICITY / 1980

Saint Mary’s School of Law Newsletter                                                                      1970, 1982

Issue number 1 (March 1970) is a four-page newsletter (11 x 17-inch leaf folded once) with no information about publication.  The second edition on hand is Volume 10 no. 2 (1982) with a mast head that reads “The SLN is a controlled circulation newspaper.”  The editorial staff and advisory board are all doctors of law.

378.76Z / LAW / 1970

St. Mary’s Today;                                                                                                       1958-1959

“A magazine of the University…each month to keep you informed of the progress and purposes of St. Mary’s of Texas;” issued in the interest of campus development; tabloid format 8 1.2 x 11-inch;

Volume 1 Number 1 (September 1958), four issues from September 1958 to January 1959

378.76 J3 / DEVELOPMENT / 1958

St. Mary’s U News: Published for Employees of St. Mary’s University                     1971-1980

Volume 1 Number 1 (January 1971), preliminary issue December 1970, issued by Public Relations Office, “Introducing a new publication for St. Mary’s University.  It will bring news and information about the campus, University staff, and benefits.”  Last formal issue April 1980.  New series begun May 1980 as U News.

387.76 J1 / PUBLICITY / 1971

St. Mary’s University Athletics Guide (Sports Media Guide)                                                1980-1982

Published by the Athletic Department Office of Sports Information; initial format was a booklet of about thirty pages made by folding 8 ½ x 11-inch sheets in half and adding a cardboard cover; the St. Mary’s University Athletic Association Booster Club officers listed on the last page of each edition.  Three editions total:

Winter Sports                       1980-1981

Fall Sports Guide 1981

Spring Sports                        1982

For the years 1984-86 and 1985-86, a publication similar in size and contents is published under the title Sports Media Guide. It is published parallel with a larger publication titled the All Sports Program.

378.76 J5 / ATHLETICS / 1980

St. Mary's University Bulletin                                                                                     1967-1979

Note: (Formerly Paisano) Informally called simply “the Bulletin,” its masthead described it as the “Alumni Publication of St. Mary’s University.” Volume 1 number 1 is (December 1967). “The new look, like the new name, reflects quite simply all the best techniques now being utilized to make publications more attractive, more interesting, more readable. If you aren’t enticed to read it, we have failed in our job.” During the Summer of 1979, there is an adjustment to format: “A new schedule of regular alumni publications will now include a summer issue of the Bulletin in tabloid form, fall and winter issues of the Bulletin in magazine format, and a President’s Report in the spring.” There are no extant issues for the fall of 1979. In February 1980, the Gold and Blue debuts in a newspaper format and in the summer of 1980, The St. Mary’s Report.

378.76T / ALUMNI / 1967

St. Mary’s University Community News                                                                     1997-2003

With the February 1997 edition of This Month a new format is introduced (printed 11 x 17-inch sheet folded in half) and along with if a new title. The newsletter continues to be issued monthly by the Public Relations Office from February to May and September to November; with letter-sized sheets for June-July. Its final edition was November 2003: “This will be the last paper issue of the Community News newsletter. The Office of University Communications has decided to publish the newsletter solely online beginning with the December/January issue.” INDEXED FOR 1997-2003

378.76 J1 / PUBLICITY / 1997

St. Mary’s University News Highlights                                                                       1999

“A synopsis of local, regional and national media coverage” [of St. Mary’s University]; issued four times by Public Relations from Winter & Spring 1999 to Summer & Fall 1999; primarily for the faculty

378.76 J2 / PUBLICITY / 1999

St. Mary’s University of San Antonio Weekly News                                                   1932

“The St. Mary’s Weekly News greets the readers of the SOUTHERN MESSENGER in the name of San Antonio’s only Senior college for Men. It purposes to acquaint the Catholic population of Texas with the aims and scope and activities of the University and of the Society of Mary, the Marianists, by whom the University is directed. It entertains the hope that it may thereby enlarge the circle of acquaintances of the University and keep alive the interest of its friends.” Three-column wide feature published for 25 issues from January 7 to June 23, 1932. 


378.76 J3 / PUBLICITY / 1932

St. Mary’s University Review of Business & Education;                                            1965-1970

Frequency: irregular, approximately monthly

Publication dates: editions are enumerated by whole numbers from No. 1 (June 1965) to No. 25 (January 1970).  Continued by Business Commentary

Description: 4-page newsletter (folded sheet 11 x 17 inches); photos;

Editorial Focus: No mention is made of the office with editorial responsibility or of the intended audience. 

378.76 Z6 / BUS / 1965

St. Mary’s University Sports                                                                                       1982-2009

In 1982-83 the Athletic Department initiates an expanded guide with about 80 pages 8 ½ x 11-inches, a cover in full color, and printed pages in black and white. With the 1984-85 edition the title becomes simply Sports. The sports included are baseball, basketball, softball, golf, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. In 2005-06 printing becomes digital and in full color on all pages which number about fifty. Separate guides are printed for each major sport Volleyball, Women’s Soccer, Men’s Soccer, Baseball (Men), Softball (Women), Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, and Cross Country.

378.76 J5 / ATHLETICS / 1982

St.MU AlumNews: St. Mary’s University Alumni Association                                   1974-1975

Note: “We hope this newsletter, which will be coming to you periodically, will help us accomplish that [keeping the alumni informed as to what the Alumni Association is doing].”

Copies on hand: Vol. 1 number 1 (March 1974) to Vol. 2 number 3 (December 1975)

Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues, The                                         1998-

Only one issue is on-hand, Volume 4, Number 1 (Fall 2001)

378.76Z / LAW / 1998

Selected Papers; St. Mary’s University Graduate School, San Antonio, Texas; Volume I, Number 1 (1962-1963) to Volume X, Number 1 (1971-1972)

Frequency: approximately 2 or 3 numbers annually; with one to multiple papers per number

Description: 23 cm; includes bibliographical references, table of contents; mimeograph publications with stapled bindings

Example: Ekelund, Jr., Robert B; “Keynesian Dynamics and Fiscal Policy,” Selected Papers; Vol. 1, no. 3 (1962-1963)

378.76 Z4 / Author / Year

The Thing Itself                                                                                                           1971-1983

Note: “… a publication of the United Colleges of San Antonio (UCSA).”  “The New School of Criticism states that a work of art, prose and poetry, is an entity which stands independent of author’s name, background, hence – a thing in itself” (from 1978-1979 edition cover).  Volume 1, no. 1 appears as a saddle-bound booklet of 36 pages, 23 cm.  But the second number radically changes form into a small portfolio (19 cm) containing loose-leaf compositions of prose, poetry, art or photographs.  The portfolio format is retained until 1977-78, whereupon it returns to a saddle-bound booklet.  Several earlier portfolio editions bear neither volume numbering nor dates making identification an estimate.  The “United Colleges of San Antonio” consisted of St. Mary’s University, the College of the Incarnate Word, and Our Lady of the Lake College.

Frequency: semi-annual

Publication date: Vol. 1 no. 1 (Fall 1971) to vol. 12 (1982-1983)

Call number: 378.67Q / Cascabel / 1971

This Month: A Newsletter for the St. Mary’s Community                                          1987-1996

“The newsletter’s new name, St. Mary’s University This Month, was selected because it better reflects what the newsletter is about. Design changes include a new size and format. The calendar’s designed as a pull-out section for posting.” First edition with new format is September 1987. Published monthly by the Public Relations Department; Susie McLean editor. The issue of August 1990, appeared with color used for the cover. Beginning with December 1990, the months of December and January were combined into a single issue. With March 1995, the format for This Month switched from an eight-page tabloid to a six-page tri-fold measuring 11 x 25-inches when unfolded. The final issue of This Month was December ‘96-January ’97. Indexed for 1987-1996

387.76 J1 / PUBLICITY / 1987

This Week                                                                                                                    1967-1983

Beginning with March 22, 1967, a printed banner makes its appearance and continues until August 23-29, 1967.  The page size is exclusively 8 ½ x 11-inch. The issuing agency is David Roberts, Director of Public Relations.  The banner is green with the title This Week, St. Mary’s of Texas.  There appears as well the logo of four cartouches each with a symbol of one of the schools. With the issue of September 9-15, 1976, the title in the masthead becomes “St. Mary’s USA University of San Antonio.  The four cartouches are gone. The “USA” logo ends with the issue of March 5-11, 1981.  The issues from March 19-25, 1981 until June 18-24, have a handmade banner with the title “This Week” and a penciled silhouette of the gable of St. Louis Hall. Then with July 27-Aug 2, 1981, a new banner printed in dark blue on yellow paper makes its appearance.  The title “This Week” is followed by “Published by and for the St. Mary’s University Community. The content remains the same; terse bulletins listed by day of the week. This iteration of This Week ends with the issue of August 22-September 4, 1983. This Week is replaced by St. Mary’s In Progress (1983-1987). This Week is indexed for 1967-1983

378.76 J2 / PUBLICITY / 1967

This Week: A News Bulletin for the St. Mary’s University Community                     1991-1995

This Week is revived from September 9-15, 1991 until January 23-29, 1995.  During this time, This Week is issued parallel to This MonthThis Week retains its format as a series of terse bulletins listed by date; whereas, This Month contains news stories. After 1995 the hard copy print newsletter is replaced by an electronic version entitled “This Week at St. Mary’s.  The print version is indexed for 1991-1997.


378.76 J2 / PUBLICITY / 1991

This Week at Saint Mary’s                                                                                          1953, 1959

Mimeographed sheets (8 ½ x 11-inch with 8 ½ x 15 interspersed); three fragments

378.76 J2 / ADMIN / 1953

This Week at Saint Mary’s                                                                                          1963-1967

Mimeographed sheets (8 ½ x 11-inch with 8 ½ x 15 interspersed) with contents listed by day of the week from Monday to Saturday. Issued by the “Information Office.” Isolated issues exist for October 19, 1953 and for May 4 – 10, 1959.  The series begins with Monday, September 23, 1963 and continues until March 14, 1967.  With the issue of September 16-21, 1964, the day of issue becomes Wednesday rather than Monday. 

378.76 J2 / PUBLICITY / 1963

Triro, Instructional Resources Newsletter                                                                  1980-1984

“Triro is the newsletter of the Instructional Resources Organization (IRO) which consists of the Academic Library, the Learning Resources Center and the Audio-visual Depository.  A bimonthly, each issue will include news, special features and regular columns and will be sent to all faculty and staff of St. Mary’s University.” (From vol. 1 no. 1, Feb 1980:3).  Bound copy of Triro has a typewritten index appended at end.

Frequency: irregular

Publication dates: Vol. 1 no. 1 (Feb 1980) to Vol. 5 no. 4 (May 1984)

378.76 Z1 / TRIRO

Witan, The                                                                                                                   1974-1989

The University Archives series begins only with volume two.  It is not clear if The Witan succeeded the Legal BeagleThe Witan staff was composed of law students some of whom appeared on the Legal Beagle staff.  Volume 2 (1974-75) masthead reads “Witan is published by students of St. Mary’s Law School, monthly except June to August.” The banner of Volume 3 (1975-76) reads “Student Newspaper of St. Mary’s University School of Law.”  However, a memo dated October 30, 1989, describes The Witan as a “weekly publication of the law school’s administration to the students, faculty and staff. 

378.76Z / LAW / 1974

Women in Business                                                                                                     1987-1988

Description: This newsletter was the publication of the Women in Business Club of the School of Business.  A newsletter subcommittee of the Executive Committee produced the newsletter for members.

Frequency: semi-annual, once a semester

Publication date: issues are undated; only Vol. 1, no 1 and no. 2 are extant; 8 ½ x 11-inch page-size; designed and printed commercially

Call number: 378.67R / CLUBS / 1987